Guess the score for your chance to win!

Guess the correct score and you will win a gift card to Cathedral Social Hall!  Winners will be announced at the end of each day. Guesses must be submitted before each game starts.

Thanks for playing!
Winners will be posted below.




Shiven L.
Ben T.
David S.
Trevor M.
Austin A.
Steve S.
Crystal D.
Mason V.
Olivia B.
Greg S.
Elijah S.
Anita W.
Angie R.
William B.
Caleb H.
Mason H.
Wendyl S
Kiley D.
Brooke V.
Ian M.


Qualifying Round

Game 1 – Josh D.
Game 2 – Chris L.
Game 3 – Darren B.
Game 4 – Chantal U.
Game 5 – Cole H.
Game 6 – Julie F.
Game 7 – Pamela D.

Quarter Finals

(Total for all 4 games)
Madison M.
Taylor H.

Semi Finals

Game 1 – Austin A.
Game 2 – Kadin M.


Game 1 – Barry H.


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